Tips That You Can Use When Selecting a Colocation Provider

One of the biggest decisions you can ever make for your business is selecting a colocation provider. After all, you are going to be storing your important infrastructure in someone else’s facility. You need to factor in something before you settle for a data center company. Choosing the best colocation service provider may not be as easy as it seems especially with the many service providers in the market. The following are the factors to consider when selecting a colocation service provider.

Think about where the colocation service provider is situated. Determine if it is easier for a staff member from a company to reach the physical location of the data center company. Think about the time that you will need to upgrade or service your equipment. Find out if the area is prone to natural calamities like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and many more. It is always good to verify that the data center provider considered all these things while they were designing the facility. check whether there is sufficient power available and also several fiber paths which will flow to and from the building. With a convenient location, you any be sure that any time you require the services of a colocation service provider will be there to give you support.

Is the data center company flexible and scalable? You are looking to hire a colocation service provider that will satisfy your existing needs and a few more years that will follow. You need to keep in mind that different colocation providers provide different levels of flexibility. Some are going to give you out of the box remedies which might or might not meet your requirements. What’s more, apart from the standard offerings, some providers will give you personalized solutions. Find out if the data center company has extra space, power and connectivity.

Find out whether the data center company is reliable. When selecting a colocation service provider, reliability goes a long way. It is measured as the service time in the field of data centers. You want to be sure that the data centre company you have chosen is dependable a majority of the time. Apart from that, you want to look at the certifications of the employees, feedback from clients and on-site support services.

Consider the financial stability of the data center company. The last thing you want is to spend so much money and time having a colocation service provider that will close down after a few years. Basically, the colocation service provider that you select should offer you support for at least 5 years if not longer. Look through press releases, financial report and financial history of the company to see if they are sustainable.
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